Tired of the old cannabis stories?

It all started with the production of the documentary "Demystifying Cannabis." We set out to document cannabis legalization in Canada and discovered the tremendous role that the stigma around marijuana played in its implementation. 

Once the documentary was released, we founded The Cannalily to change the narrative on cannabis from one based on misinformation and judgement to one that is dominated by education and compassion.

With legalization came the right to grow at home up to four plants. This opens the opportunity for people get to know cannabis better, benefit from it directly and as a bonus, decreases the black market.

Watch The Cannalily Channel where we demystify the myths and taboos surrounding cannabis and give practical advice on how to grow your four legal plants in Canada.

Greg Nosaty, Co-Founder

Greg co-founded The Cannalily in April 2020 with Sylvie Peltier. A natural teacher and storyteller, Greg is responsible for The Cannalily's video productions. He is the director and co-writer of "Demystifying Cannabis." He has filmed and directed many documentary and documentary series for television, including the award-winning true crime series "Dark Waters of Crime."  Greg is passionate about fly fishing from his kayak.

Sylvie Peltier, Co-Founder

Sylvie co-founded The Cannalily with Greg Nosaty. She is the producer and co-writer of "Demystifying Cannabis" and the founder of Red Letter Films, an award-winning factual production company. In addition to her diploma in Film and Television Studies from UBC, she holds a B.Sc. in Agricultural Economics and a Masters in Environmental Studies. When not in the office, Sylvie loves to paint vivid abstract landscapes.

Randy Caine, Humble Grower

Randy shares what he knows about marijuana in many of The Cannalily's videos. In addition to being a humble grower, he is a community advocate and a harm reductionist. He made legal history when he challenged the fairness of Canada's cannabis laws in 2003 after being arrested for smoking a joint. He is the owner of Hempyz Gifts & Novelties and the co-founder of ReLeaf Compassion Centers.